I’m a Pathfinder. I assist organizations and individuals in exploring and creating the most authentic and values-based pathways to their goals. Whether it’s a hiring manager looking to advance the company’s human assets through a workshop, an organization wanting to inspire their audience, an entrepreneur looking to move a business forward or an individual who needs direction, I can help.

Here’s my story in a nutshell

Grew Up

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – there I learned how to be aware of my surroundings and I obtained a little street smarts.


in a single parent (but not a broken) home – Watching my mother’s tenacity, determination and optimism sparked the same in me.


as the “good girl” – I was the one always concerned about living up to other’s expectations and being appropriate. I still care about being appropriate, not so much on following all of the rules.


as the group psychologist for my friends – for whatever reason, I was the reasonable one and people often asked for my advice on a variety of topics. I learned early on that you must let people find their own way by asking the right questions and not necessarily giving advice. Most of us have the answers inside.


Hampton University for college – attending an Historically Black College gave me a level of self confidence and self-awareness that allowed me to participate in a variety of arenas without self-doubt. I completed my last year at Temple University due to financial constraints; however, I consider Hampton University my alma mater.


a fruitful corporate journey – my career is quilted. I have held positions in various Fortune 500 companies in positions that ranged from senior financial analyst to accounting supervisor, to senior operations manager to commercial real estate broker, prior to leaving the 9-5 life and becoming a full-time business owner.


for the Boston Business Journal’s Forty Under 40, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts Leading Woman, as the youngest and first Person of Color to become Operations Manager for Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. of Massachusetts and the first Black Female Real Estate Broker for a major firm in Massachusetts.


Realized that I was lost. – In my early 30s, I found myself stuck in the expectations of others. Professionally, relationally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and aesthetically, I lost the real me. With a lot of self discovery, I found myself and my true path again.


about the world understanding multiple intelligences, women’s issues and everyone having the right to live most authentically professionally and personally. It matters.


that aligning with ones values is the best way to live fulfilled.


to audiences all over the country about value alignment in leadership, professional development and inspired individual life journeys.

“Monica’s energy and enthusiasm for her work is tangible.  She draws in her audience and keeps them engaged throughout.  Our mixed crowd of internal and external guests found her presentation thought-provoking, inspiring and most importantly, fun.  Thank you, Monica, for bringing your work to our firm.”

Goodwin Procter Senior Manager of Diversity & Inclusion

“Monica Cost facilitated a conversation with sales leaders at Genentech on authentic leadership styles, building authentic relationships for career success and the importance of aligning personal and corporate values. Based on the overwhelming response to our invitation, it was clear that the topic resonated with many. Monica’s ability to understand and communicate Genentech’s culture was impressive. She was able to synthesize information she gleaned from panelists, her consulting practice and her personal experience as a Pathfinder to advance our goal of informing and engaging attendees. Post-event survey results confirmed that it was a great success. I enthusiastically endorse Monica as a true professional who is able to capture nuance, connect, engage and communicate with creativity and impact.”

Andrea Henderson Commercial Talent Acquisition Genentech, a Roche company

“Monica led an incredible session for undergraduate women in our Women’s Initiative in Leadership program. It was obvious that she put a great deal of preparation into the session. She expertly guided the discussion, got the women to open up and share their individual perspectives, and led them to consider and explore their values, and how those values can and should shape what path they take in life. Afterward, the participants raved about the discussion and found it invaluable. One woman told me it was “exactly what she needed” as she had been struggling with identity issues and goal setting as she approached college graduation. Monica was very good at encouraging this group of young women to see what their individual values are, and how those values should not be ignored as they make their way in life. It was life-changing!”

Laura Simolaris Institute of Politics, Harvard Kennedy School Director, National Youth Engagement

“Operations held a networking event themed “Building Your Personal Brand”. This theme was inspired by the women who expressed a desire to learn more how to move their careers forward. The keynote speaker was Monica Cost of Evidently Assured who also served as our workshop facilitator. Our goal was to give our women leader’s tools to develop their personal brand professionally and personally for career advancement.”

“Monica’s presentation was informative, memorable and gave us an opportunity to enhance and build an effective and positive personal brand. Monica’s presentation covered the power of perceptions, personal brand and relationships, and unique opportunities for women when it comes to developing a brand that stands. Lastly, Monica led us in a discussion on managing our personal brand.”

“The workshop was very well received and we are exploring having Monica present in other areas of JP Morgan globally.”


D’Andrea Maddox, Vice President Global Fixed Income-Middle Office J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

“I am the chairperson of a business resource group of a fortune 500 financial services company. We hired Evidently Assured to deliver a program to our business leaders on “The Future of Your Success”. The workshop incorporated professional growth tools with personal brand development.”

“Evidently Assured President & Chief Strategist, Monica Cost, took the participants through a visioning process that challenged them to see outside of what was expected and to look at what they would like to see. In addition, she relayed to new way of thinking about our leadership brands through the identification of our personal values for the purpose of understanding where we may get off track.”

“The workshop was well received by a group of executives who have attended many professional development workshops during their professional journey. Her message was relevant and applicable to all leaders. I strongly recommend Evidently Assured and Monica Cost to anyone seeking to develop their professionals of any background.”


Cheryl Spruill Vice President Operations Risk Management | Prudential Financial

“State Street Global Inclusion team gathered together former leaders of the Black Professionals Group (BPG) Employee Resource Group to identify ways to revitalize the BPG, which is the oldest and one of the largest resource groups within the organization. The newly minted leaders of Steering Committee members determined that their theme for the upcoming year would be “A BRAND New Vision.” Our strategic imperatives focused on Employee Engagement, Talent Development and Community Outreach. This theme spoke to the new direction or vision in which we were taking the BPG, and on professional development topic: personal branding.”

“After meeting Monica Cost, through several interactions with The Partnership, Inc., we knew that she would be an ideal asset to help the BPG further our objectives. We needed our start off strong and provide our members with dynamic programs and opportunities for development and advancement. As a BPG Steering Committee member and the Event Planning Chair, I have had the pleasure of working directly with Monica Cost for two core BPG occasions: Black History Month and the Evening of Recognition.”

“As part of Black History Month, Monica facilitated our inaugural professional development entitled Defining Your Personal Brand. She spoke about first impressions and what it takes to make one or to deal with a bad one. She encouraged everyone to take a look in the mirror to determine how we want to be perceived and what it takes to achieve that perception. Monica provided key insights that were refreshing and well received. The session ended with a Fashion Show where employees dressed in professional and unprofessional attire. Monica critiqued each participant and made it interactive to get audience feedback. She explained why each was professional or not and while some thought they were well attired for the workplace, Monica’s explanation was forthright and supportive. The fashion show was not part of Monica’s standard programs, but she was willing to work with our vision and help us successfully achieve it.”

“Later in the year, Monica support the BPG as the Mistress of Ceremonies for our annual Evening of Recognition awards night, where executives are honored for their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The program continued along the theme BRAND New Vision.”

“I am honored to be asked to write a recommendation for Ms. Cost. She is poised, professional, supportive and flexible. She helped BPG meet our objectives in our first year of re-establishing the organization. Her advice provided the Steering Committee members with direction and guidance; and we continue to lead a thriving network.”


Linette F. Sanders Black Professional’s Group Event Planning Chair



What area of your life are you experiencing the most unfulfillment?.

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