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The Monica Cost Show: New Levels. No Labels. brings light to the many ways our societal labels dismantle, cripple and hinder our progress, and it provides a new language and understanding of what it truly means to live your most authentic life with greater purpose and fulfillment based on one’s core values.


The audience will delight in the humor, connectedness, and real life scenarios of this refreshing show. You don’t want to miss this thought-provoking new show that challenges the obsession to today’s gossip and salacious media. It is, in fact, authentic TV.


Personal & Professional Pathfinder, Author, Columnist and Speaker, Monica Cost, explores living a life without labels, financial freedom without fear, professional paths with passion, emotional evolution, purposeful parenting and much more on her new show.

After letting go of her fear of labels over 10 years ago, and making radical life changes that led her to this journey of value aligned living, Monica is now sharing this message with the world on The Monica Cost Show: New Levels. No Labels. Each episode will spotlight a notable personality’s quest to live authentically in a particular area (aesthetic, financial, relational, emotional, spiritual, professional and parental).

New Question

How close are you to where you’d thought you be at this point in life?.

  • Self Reflection

    On Sep 23, 2015/ Monica Cost / Leave a comment

    Taking a moment to self reflect (not dwell) on the good, the bad and the ugly about ourselves is so critical to moving forward. We each take part in the success and failures that we experience in life. However, experience has shown me that we rarely take account of how we could have handled things […]

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